Remedies to relive Sensitive Teeth

sensitive tooth It is common for most people that suffer with sensitive teeth to go through pain and discomfort immediately after eating or drinking cold or hot foods and liquids.  Sensitive teeth pain may also happen from ingesting sweets and from cold air during the winter.  If you experience constant tooth sensitivity you may need to see you dentist. They can assist with   one of many types of treatment options to stop this problem.  Your dental professional may suggest sensitive teeth toothpastes, mouthwashes or dental treatment options just like a tooth desensitizer.  Products like these can help minimize the discomfort from sensitive teeth, sensitivity that is brought on by exposed dentin the inner layer on the surface of your teeth.

It is our experience that depending on the severity and cause of your tooth sensitivity pain any of these option might work. Specially formulated toothpastes must be used daily for weeks or months to get little relief from minor tooth sensitivity pain, mouthwashes and Fluoride treatments should be used as part of a daily hygiene regiment to aid in the prevention of tooth decay which is another cause of tooth sensitivity.  Tooth Desenitizers have been used by Dentist for years and now are available for at home use, these work extremely well, because they actually seal off the dentin layer of the tooth and eliminate sensitivity at the core. read more

How can I treat my sensitive teeth?

sensitive toothWhen you live with sensitive teeth, basic activities like brushing or flossing your teeth, or eating and drinking can cause a sharp pain in your teeth.  Typically Teeth become Sensitive teeth as a  result of worn down tooth enamel or exposed roots.  Other, tooth discomfort can be caused by factors, such as cavities,  cracked or chipped teeth, or side effect’s after a dental procedure, such as cleanings and bleaching.

If you’re experience sensitive teeth, you should start off by visiting your dentist. A dental professional can help identify underlying causes of the  tooth pain you are experiencing, and depending on your specific circumstances they can recommend a solution: read more

Tooth Sensitivity Relief

Dental patients Number one complaint to their Dentist is tooth sensitivity, and how to get relief from it.  There are over 40 million people that experience tooth sensitivity in the United States alone.

It is important to understand what Causes sensitive teeth in order to get relief form the pain.   There are a few areas in which a tooth to become sensitive, it all boils down to a condition in the tooth called dentin hypersensitivity. This is where the dentin layer (inner surface of tooth’s core) becomes exposed.   The Dentin contains a bunch of microscopic tunnels called (tubules) that contain fluid and nerve endings.  These tubules lead right down to the nerve center deep in the tooth, and when the tubules become exposed movement or shift in the fluid contain in the tooth cause irritation and pain as it touches the nerve. read more